Your Financial goals

Pursue your goals with confidence.

Now you can learn, plan and act with more efficiency, value and confidence than ever before. Here’s what a experts directed investing account from standard securities puts at your fingertips:

  1. The best of the brokerages in the industry. Online equity and offline accounts. With full day research views and dedicated advisors.
  2. Access to dynamic investing and one trading software for all.
  3. Online and offline trading for your convenience. The dedicated dealer and rm will give you daily service from the pre market till post markets. To follow the trading strategies or doing trading backed-up by research.
  4. Mobile investing gives you peace of mind to trade at any point of time and any where. The platform gives you charts, news, platform to trade from your mobile.
  5. You can ask any reports from just a call away. Just call our operation team to give you your financial reports in any format.
  6. Weekly portfolio update.
  7. Weekly ledger updates and confirmations. To know where your are heading.
  8. You can consult at any time for you modification, alterations or getting more tailor made product and services for you.