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Partner with a Financial Advisor who works with you one-on-one to create customized solutions driven by your unique retirement goals and needs.

Everyone wants to have a comfortable retirement, but without adequate planning it probably won’t happen. People are living longer then ever before, which is obviously good news, but that means retirement is becoming more expensive.

Consider this: Only 11% of the working population in India has any form of social security for old age * (Source: Document on Pensions, Life Insurance Corporation of India,2004).

Raise in life expectancy has expanded the retired population. The growing number of retired people has given scope for raising healthcare services, nursing, tourism and hospitality services. A new area “old age Homes” is expending.

Our proven benefits professionals aren’t just going to meet your needs — they’re going to exceed them by delivering insightful information and the latest in integrated benefits solutions.

 All to help keep you and your employees well positioned for any financial benefit challenges that come your way today, tomorrow and well into the future.