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Wealth & Investment Management Services

Wealth & Investment Management provides comprehensive wealth management to affluent and high-net-worth clients. It also provides retirement and benefit plan services, asset allocations to individuals and institutions.

Standard securities provide clients a niche level of wealth management and investment services by offering customized financial solutions designed to achieve their goals.

Clients can have access to a range of services offered through the following service models:

Standard Securities provides clients a personalized financial review and hands-on advice and guidance through a best of trained financial advisors. Clients with a personal wealth profile of at least 10million of investable assets can also meet with a vice president and country head that are committed to understand their needs and supported by the rich industry experience.

Clients will get an extensive in depth research analysis on their portfolio.

A disciplined investment approach that begins by fully understanding their current financial situation and goals for the future.

Customized, refine financial strategies & solutions that go beyond investing in stocks, mutual funds and insurance to help address very aspect of their financial life.

Solidified framework for organizing and integrating all of their investment objectives.